Children of Aging Parents

Children of Aging Parents is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose mission is to assist the nation's nearly 54 million caregivers of the elderly or chronically ill with reliable information, referrals and support, and to heighten public awareness that the health of the family caregivers is essential to ensure quality care of the nation's growing elderly population.

In early 2004, CAPS joined forces with CONTACT Bucks County a non-profit, United Way agency that provides free telephone helpline services to the residents of Bucks County. It is staffed by volunteers who are trained in crisis intervention and active listening skills, which is an important asset for the caregivers that call on CAPS as well as those needing the serives of CONTACT Bucks Couty.

CONTACT's helplines offer a caring presence for lonely,
depressed, anxious, and needy people. The agency receives over 45,000 calls a year - over 125 a day - from people of all ages. In addition CONTACT's volunteers make calls out to its reassurance clients.

CAPS averages about 18,000 requests for assistance each year and the number is increasing. In 1995, there were 33 million Americans over the age of 65. In 2020, there will be almost 70 million, doubling in less than 25 years. Over 23 percent of all US households contain a caregiver.

This translates into an estimated 22,411,200 caregiving households nationwide. The average caregiver is 46 years old. Seven in 10 caregivers (73 percent) are female. Only 5.5 percent of the over-65 population resides in nursing homes.

Educational Outreach
CAPS publishes a quarterly newsletter filled with news and advice for caregivers. CAPS arranges conferences and workshops on issues vital to caregivers and professionals, shares new product information, and utilizes the broadcast and print media to improve the public's understanding of caregiving and issues of aging.

Support Groups
Caregivers stay healthy longer and are less stressed through regular association with support groups which afford practical advice, understanding, and affirmation. CAPS refers caregivers to appropriate groups anywhere in the US and encourages the formation of new, CAPS-affiliated groups. CAPS provides the start-up training and on-going support to interested parties.

Speaker's Bureau
CAPS sends speakers to the work place through a company's Employee Assistance Program. For nominal fees, CAPS goes to churches, service clubs, libraries, schools, and other groups. The most requested topics include: Instant Aging Workshop, Planning Ahead, Lifestyle Options, Psychological Impact Of Caregiving, and Why Do I Feel So Guilty?

Caregiver Research
CAPS has partnered with The Caregivers Advisory Panel (TCAP) that is aligned to CAPS mission and creates mutual value in improving the lives of family caregivers through market research by conveying their wants, needs and opinions to health care product manufacturers, service providers and policy makers. Make a difference; join TCAP now.

Children of Aging Parents is a member of the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our ID donor designation number is 8010.

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