About CAPS

In the Beginning
CAPS began in Levittown, Pennsylvania in 1977 when a small group of neighbors, who were caring for their elderly parents, began to share informally their problems and their feelings. They discovered they shared similar needs, concerns, and limitations. In 1980 CAPS incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

The Leap Ahead
In 1986 Ann Landers mentioned CAPS in one of her responses to a letter writer. Saying that caregivers could ask for advice from CAPS, she caused an avalanche of mail. Ten trays of letters arrived in Levittown from all over the country. It took CAPS members four months to answer all of them, but it pointed out a national issue and a national need.

Today and Tomorrow
Modern technology and medical science keep us living longer, albeit chronic illnesses like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and after-effects of strokes and respiratory diseases. The result is that caregiving has become the fastest growing, unpaid profession in America, and it has a profound impact on families, employers, and the national economy. As health care and funding issue command national attention, CAPS will continue to give caregivers reliable information and sound advice and will extend its outreach through new support groups, workshops, and presentations for churches, schools, employers, service clubs, and television audiences.

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