PBS Series on Caregiving

Harry Wiland and Dale Bell, Executive Producers of an upcoming PBS series on caregiving, are searching for real-life family caregiver stories that they can film for the 3-hour series. The stories will present different points of view including:

  • Adult child caregiver ( e.g. Juggling the demands of children at home and the needs of the chronically or critically ill parents either nearby or across the continent)
  • Aging caregiver of chronically or critically ill spouse or friend
  • The care recipient
  • Professional caregiver

"It is our goal to have these stories reflect our country's diversity. We need examples from all over the country and from different economic strata," said Dale Bell. "We are using the internet and this press release to ask for help in finding the most compelling of these stories-ones that truly shed light on this growing public health issue. Anyone with a relevant caregiving story to tell is invited to email us at: caregivingstories@wilandbellprod.com or write to Wiland-Bell Productions, The PBS Caregiving Series, 9336 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232. Please include contact information such as name, email address and phone numbers. We will follow up with phone interviews as soon as possible."

"Caregiving is one of the most critical issues of this new century." Harry Wiland added. This series will focus public attention on the challenges caregivers face, and promote dialogue and community action to address their issues." Gail Hunt of the National Alliance for Caregiving and the project's technical advisor believes, "this is a real opportunity to let families know there is help for them and they are not alone. A companion web site to the series will offer information and resources."

Brian Duke, President, Board of Directors, CAPS is serving on the Advisory Board for this production along with other professionals from across the country.