Family caregivers get help from new product

More than one-quarter of the adult population has provided care for a family member or friend during the past year. From a parent slowly debilitated by Alzheimer’s disease to a friend suddenly incapacitated by a stroke, the number of people requiring such care is growing dramatically as our elderly population increases. Many of their caregivers are still caring for their own children and working full or part time. Struggling to cope with their added responsibilities, they are confronted with a broad but haphazard array of resources, uncertain where to find helpful information pertinent to their particular situation. They have limited time to gather necessary information, and when a crisis occurs and they suddenly need this information, they feel panicked and stressed.

A new product from Organized Solutions offers relief for these caregivers. Keep Tabs On Caregiving is a comprehensive guide and organizer for family caregivers, filled with valuable information to better prepare them for the inevitable challenges they face. Both the content and design promote informed decision-making, increased efficiency, and ultimately higher-quality care.

Keep Tabs On Caregiving includes more than 80 pages of helpful information such as tips on deciding if it’s safe for a loved one to live alone or continue to drive; checklists to promote informed decision-making such as choosing in-home care, assisted living, or a nursing home; charts to help monitor medications; forms to record and update important legal, financial, insurance, and other personal information; and additional valuable resources. The forms are provided on both paper, for completing by hand, and on a CD, for those who prefer using a computer to record and update personal information. The organizer is divided into eight essential subjects and includes suggestions for collecting appropriate data. Everything is contained in an easy-to-carry binder with a pocket for storing oversized papers. With all necessary material in one convenient place, caregivers can easily keep information up-to-date and at their fingertips so they won’t have to hunt for it in the middle of a crisis or unexpected event.

Keep Tabs On Caregiving evolved from a tool initially created to address the problems experienced by the product developer and his siblings while taking care of their own parents. Finding little guidance, they were overwhelmed by their search for answers and appropriate help, unsure how to choose among the many care alternatives. They spent a lot of time searching for important papers that were suddenly required, such as financial and legal records. They lacked a system to organize this material or locate it when needed, often in the middle of an unanticipated crisis. Moreover, some documents were out of date and no longer met current needs.

About Organized Solutions

Organized Solutions is a new business that develops and distributes innovative products to help individuals and businesses increase their effectiveness and efficiency by staying organized, reducing mistakes, improving communications, and making better decisions. Howard Wolkowitz manages this company, whose start was motivated by his experiences as a caregiver for his parents and which is guided by his 20-plus years’ experience as a business manager. Organized Solutions sells its products through its Web site, . The company also provides other services on the Web site: a posting of monthly tips for caregivers and a message board where users can benefit from one another’s experience by viewing and commenting on their local care facilities.

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